Interessante Blogs:

- Nachhaltige Etiketten: recyceltes Polyester vs. Bio-Baumwolle, mehr lesen
- Gewebte Etiketten: einfache oder doppelte Hintergrundfarbe, merh lesen
- Bedruckte Etiketten: Digitaldruck vs. Hochdruk, mehr lesen


Upload / design Tipps pro Produkt:

- Hochdruk: Tipps Hochdruk
- Digitaldruck: Tipps Digitaldruck
- Vollflachdruck: Tipps Vollflachdruck
- Gewebte Etiketten: Tipps Gewebte Etiketten
- Anhangekartchen: Tipps Anhangekartchen

Instruction video's

SELECT THE FOLD: Labels can be stitched in different ways. This video explains 
some, have a look  and find out which fold matches best with your product.

WOVEN LABELS: Transforming you logo into the best woven label? For this we 
use jacquard design. With your logo as the base our jacquard designer starts working.

WOVEN LABELS: Yarn colours are automatically selected, based on your logo. 
We also offer a catalogue 
of our yarn colours digitally, so that you can make your choice.

WOVEN LABELS: Next to choosing your fill- and figure colours you can select a warp, 
white or black. For lighter colours we advise to select a white warp, 
for darker colours we advise the black option.

WOVEN LABELS: single or double woven white? If you choose white as the background
colour of your labels, and your logo has a darker tone we advise to choose double white,
an extra white layer to make sure the background is white and not greyish.